Between First Thursdays and The Artist

Name of Event: First Thursdays - Stars of Sydenham

Artwork as part of the First Thursdays programme, Thursday 2 October 2014 (with rain date Friday 3 October 2014)

*Please read agreement terms and conditions below.

Name of Artist *
Name of Artist
Signed By:

Description of Services:   

Install/perform artwork on site in Sydenham as agreed.
First Thursdays will supply some documentation and key media advertising of the work. 

Responsibilities of The Artist:

GEAR:  The Artist is responsible for bringing all their own technical equipment/props/materials needed for the work and transporting it to the agreed upon site.

DE-INSTALLATION: The Artist is responsible for arranging a timely de-installation of the work with the Curator and First Thursdays team. The Artist is responsible for providing information on an efficient de-installation of the work, in the event that they are not available to take it down themselves.

WEATHER:  Please liaise with the First Thursdays curator first thing on the morning of Thurs 2 October to check in regarding any likely postponement in case of inclement weather.


 1.1 The copyright of the work remains the property of the Artist unless otherwise assigned.

1.2 The Artist approves of (and or) supplies good quality images for the purposes of the Event and First Thursdays publicity, this includes use in magazines, newspapers and the First Thursdays website. The Artist also gives consent for documentation for educational and archival purposes.

Where First Thursdays has arranged documentation, a joint copyright will apply between Artist, Photographer and First Thursdays.

1.3 First Thursdays accepts work(s) on the understanding that the Artist has met any responsibilities for their work(s) in respect to the Copyright Act. Ownership of the complete artwork remains with The Artist throughout and following the event.


2.1    The Artist will at all times indemnify First Thursdays in respect of any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by First Thursdays as a direct or indirect consequence of any act, error or omission by the Artist and for which the Artist is legally liable. The indemnity will survive the termination of this Agreement.


3.1    The Artist will arrange any insurance that they may require. 


4.1    The Artist will comply with the Christchurch City Councils Health and Safety Management Plan.

4.2  The Artist will ensure that they meet First Thursdays Safety requirements at all times. Should an accident occur through the Artists noncompliance with the First Thursdays Safety Requirements, the Artist is responsible for his own Accident Insurance as a Self Employed person. 

4.3 The Artist will ensure that all works are compliant with NZ Health and Safety Standards and shall be at no risk to the public.

5. FEE:

5.1 A fee for the artwork has been negotiated.