Catch a rare glimpse into the belly of the beast! Offering a rare opportunity to peek behind the scenes and visit the inner sanctum of artists, the Battersea Studios will be open to the public at part of ABRACADABRA.

Featuring work and works in progress by: Janie Bruce, The Filing Kabinett, Julia Sharp, Martin Sagadin, Olivia Chamberlain, Patrick Barry, Sam Clague, Malcolm Terry, Thomas Hancock, Tim Middleton and more.

This event offers a chance for you to meet the artists and discuss their practice in an intimate setting. The artists work in various media including painting, drawing, sculpture and jewellery.

The free bus will drop you at the corner of Battersea St and Dewsberry Lane. The studios will be open from 5.30pm.

Don't miss this special opportunity!

Thomas Hancock, QU 2015

Thomas Hancock, QU 2015

Tim Middleton,  Badmouth  2014

Tim Middleton, Badmouth 2014

Olivia Chamberlain,  Maiden Hair Fern  2015

Olivia Chamberlain, Maiden Hair Fern 2015

Janie Bruce  Untitled  2014

Janie Bruce Untitled 2014

The Filing Kabinett  Bone Pendant

The Filing Kabinett Bone Pendant

Patrick Barry,  I Dreamed You Dreamed About Me  2015

Patrick Barry, I Dreamed You Dreamed About Me 2015