We <3 Volunteers!

We are no longer taking on volunteers as our event is no longer running - thank you for your interest!

First Thursdays Chch is a not-for-profit event that runs for the benefit of the community. We rely on the help and generosity of wonderful volunteers to ensure our exhibitions are hung and well looked after on the night, that the public know where to find things and our artists have help creating their works when needed.

This is a fabulous opportunity to get involved with the real life creation of large scale art events, meet artists, musicians and learn how to hang and organise exhibitions.. with bonus warm fuzzies for helping out a community event.

Volunteering as little as an hour of your time can make a huge difference. We have roles with varying depths of dedication and experience required! If you'd like to learn more, simply fill in some details and get in touch!

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Have you volunteered at events in the past? Are there any special skills we should know about, or is there something in particular you would like to offer to First Thursdays?